Hulk vs Wonder Woman

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Nothing against Wonder Woman , not a hate thread. I hear a lot of JLA fanboy's say she would dispatch the Hulk in seconds. I feel the Hulk would win. But what say you comicvine ?

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depends who is writing the hulk. And which version are we talking about here.

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I mean she's strong but hulk strength increases and blah blah blah (the usual)...but no doubt she would give up a good fight. I could see her owning the first 10 to 15 minutes where she would beat the crap out of him till he adapts

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The Hulk.

While she is strong, more of an equal to the female Hulks, Wonder Woman is out of her league in a all-out direct confrontation with the Hulk. She would do about as well as She-Hulk, Red She-Hulk, or Thundra would do against the Green Goliath. However, in the end, she's gonna get smashed.

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Ooh okay, well I like both these two fictional characters about the same, which is rare as far as comparisons with their abilities in the art of whichcharacterdoyouthinkwouldwininafight philosophy. Well I never personal use my feels to decide such things, I use my thinks, and my thinks tell me that these two particular fictional characters are designed to have have powers and abilities that fluctuate in the high end. Remember that time that DC Comics told us the absolute max weight Wonder Woman could lift? The top speed she could move? The required amount of force required to knock her out? Oh wait, they have never done that. Well at least Marvel have given us hard consistent limits on the Hulk right? Wait... hell, nah they haven't done that either, in fact the opposite, his anger and other factors actively increase his strength and other traits. Its almost like the nature of the two characters being fictional means there isn't really any hard or right answer.

I think either could potentially dispatch the other seconds, I think its cooler and more consistent to see it go the distance.

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I see WW not pull punches from the start, especially if she's semi aware of what one of his punches will do. And to add to that she's the baddest Amazonian hand to hand fighter ever. She has been retconned to the point of being a kung-fu kryptonian without heat vision. She will absolutely own the Hulk. That is until first contact with her person takes place. She will not knock him out in that time, but he will be getting angry. When he hits her it's game over. I do see the Hulk getting punished at first ,but that's it.

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Hulk, though it would be a pretty close fight.

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