Hulk vs Hulk (Versions battle)

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I just want to know how you think some of the most powerful iterations of the strongest one there is would fare against one another. Lets start it all off with these matchups:

World breaker vs Uni power

Maestro vs Nul

World war vs mindless

Savage vs mindless

Lets go!

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Hulk wins

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which one exactly?

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I say nul (who almost beat thor (but got BFRed) would take maestro

WWH hulk would probs take mindless

World breaker takes uni (just barely)

and mindless takes savage

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Yes, WBH is on another level, the only other iteration I think could even take ONE punch from him is uni power (isn't he supposed to be more powerful than surfer?)

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@AweSam said:

You rang?

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope said:

@AweSam said:

You rang?

Hulk thread. Aren't you a Hulk person?

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To only say I'm a hulk person would be an understatement. My vote is that Red Hulk trumps most other hulks, including savage green hulk. The only one he would have issues with is maestro hulk.

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What Rulk has is brains, and he has been able to singlehandedly kill the Defenders era intelligent Professor Hulk (see Offenders arc) While WWH was the mst brutal Hulk seen in modern times in Marvel, if he got angry enough he could loose control and go AWOL. That's an edge that gives Rulk a huge bonus if he where to battle him.

Also, Rulk survived a beating from a WorldBreaker level Hulk. If he could survive a beating fromhim, he could survive a beating from almost anybody.

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Wasnt there last fight in Hulk #24? If so Hulk whooped Red's ass.

World breaker vs Uni power= World Breaker

Maestro vs Nul= Nul

World war vs mindless= World War

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Rulk never fought Worldbreaker Hulk. Rulk did effectively fight WWH (when Banner was regammafied at the end of the horribly named World War Hulks he was stated to be at the same levels as when he capture NY) in Loeb's final Hulk issue (he might have been Worldbreaker for a few seconds but then seemingly settled down to WWH levels). Anyway Rulk said that he was at his most powerful after draining the Cosmic Hulk Robot. He then drained Hulk and then delivered a "nuclear" punch that he though killed him. Hulk then got up and put Rulk down with a thunderclap. Pretty ridiculous showing considering what Rulk at his best has done but it is what it is.


World breaker vs Uni power: Worldbreaker. When Hulk had the Uni-Power it was effectively broken. In fact it came to Hulk to "remember"/copy superstrength and physical power from him. But even if that wasn't the case I'd still go with Worldbreaker.

Maestro vs Nul: Hmmm. I'd go with Nul in sheer power though Maestro could quite probably outsmart him. Maestro might be best served with trying to appeal to Hulk to internally resist Nul but then again Hulk hates Maestro more than anyone so thats probably not going to work. Maestro was supposed to be "the ultimate Hulk" at the time he was introduced but he seems a bit tame compared to some more recent versions. Just my personal feelings really.

World war vs Mindless: Probably go with WWH. Mindless might have a higher base but WWH has more focus, crazy healing etc. There were effectively two different Mindless Hulks but anyways.

Savage vs Mindless: I'd probably go with Savage. Not much pisses off Savage more than fighting a fake Hulk.

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it s acknowledged that WBH is the most powerful version of the hulk, arguing is not needed anymore.

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WB since the Uni power was broken and he didn't have full power

Nul in a big way

WH based on the fact that he can think tactically and fight with skill

Mindless too strong and even though savage is smarter than him he probably would still approach it as a straight up fist fight.

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