Hulk vs Dracula, Raizo, and all the vampires

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Since I've read the FI 6 and I realized that the Hulk is the only hammer wielder who doesn't appears when the Serpent calls them together, I suspect that Dracula will defeat the Green Giant somehow. But how?The hulk was defeated by:



Other hulks

Bruce Banner

I don't know, how can the bloodsuckers defeat him. Now, with the power of the hammer, he could even beat the DC's Doomsday! Maybe Visigoth with some gamma radiation can face him, but cannot stop him. How can Raizo or Dracula stop this incredibly strong foe? Maybe the Hulk's blood could boost a vampire's strength? This blood posession thing was how She-hulk became big and green and sexy. I don't think they can bite throught that greenskin. but if they get that blood somehow will there be another, a new Hulk? (vampire hulk)I think there's too many hulk out there now. :D

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i read the second book & that team of vampires were a giant epic fail hulk will most likely fall when serpent does in the next main book

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Sentry, wasn't a defeat

Superman, never fought him in cannon

Bruce...Sure, wahtever floats your boat.

I dont think the vampires could do anything against him anyways (or many other superpowered guys strong like HUlk)

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@Diamondblade: you forgot thor.

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Hahaha it's darn funny how you say Dracula and the vampire nation can beat him easily but the comic shows how Nul Thrashes them badly!!

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