Hulk vs current luffy.

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No morals,in a deserted island,to the death

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Luffy is hax he wins.

But seriously this can go down into four things;

1. Strength

2. Endurance

3. Speed

4. Special abilities

Strength: I will start with luffy. He has shown amazing feats of strength thus far, however in this fight hulk probably takes the win on strength. Point to hulk.

Endurance: Although hulk has shown some amazing endurance, most of it is because an enemy cannot actually hurt him in the first place. Factoring in the fact luffy would be able to hurt him means that his endurance is not that great. Luffy however is able to take amazing amounts of punishment from people who can hurt him and has come out on top. Point to luffy.

Speed: Do i even need to say. Point to luffy.

Special abilities: Luffy is immune to blunt attacks, which in a brawl counts for a lot. He has his gears, precognition haki and defense haki. The Hulk has his regen factor and the ability to get stronger the angrier he gets. Luffy having precog gives him a point and his gears give him a point. Hulk gets two points for his regen factor.

Counting all that into a big brawl and we get Luffy with 4 points and hulk with 3 points. Close battle but I think luffy wpuld come out on top.

Sorry but my vote goes to luffy. Its a shame this thread will most likely get locked i was looking forward to debating.

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@solo_joke: Hulk has nearly limitless stamina/endurance, here I quote the wiki.

"Vast Superhuman Stamina

Hulks stamina is also very high, in a normal calm state, he can go on for several days before he even begins to feel tired. Hulk's stamina increase with his anger." end quote.

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I have to agree with Silavite. This battle would be interesting but in the long run Luffy will lose. He is powerless without MEAT!

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@Silavite: Yes hulk has large amount of stamina but in the end that is not going to matter when he will not be able to hurt luffy by his conventional means. However hulk has no immunities and so will be hurt and tire out from luffys attacks. Also luffy is no slouch when it comes to stamina his fights are usually intense and as such he tends to be tired after them but current luffy would be able to fight with someone for a long time.

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Indestructible Hulk #1 / Proof Hulk's Strength is Incalculable

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Is that a joke ?

WWH in the World Breaker Mode could actually stomp the Earth.

Plus Hulks emits gamma radiations...

Luffy will die of his incredible strength (he can hurt Mister Fantastic so why not Luffy ?) or by cancer.

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hulk has punched out the blob, so the physical attack isn't an issue here. Luffy against lucci and jimbei was shown to be vulnerable to blunt force trama if the hits are strong enough and hulk is strong enough.

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They're on an island?

Hulk throw Luffy into the sea. Game over.

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@azazel66: Man, I watch one piece every week and Luffy has amazing feats, and his Haki, I even watched him grow into a Giant by swallowing a girl who could grow large, but the Hulk thing is unfair, he'd probably win by making the Hulk laugh.

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