Hulk The End

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Can somebody tell me how the hulk the end story goes? And what year it started?

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Basically goes: set sometime in the future when humanity is wiped out due to nuclear devistation and the only thing keeping banner alive is the Hulk, cause all Banner wants to do is move on into the next life, but it's a bit hard when you turn into an almost indastructable creature! The only things left are these huge mutated cockroach like creatures which even the Hulk has to run from, cause they do get him at one stage and pretty much gut/devour him, and it takes him something like a few days to regen from almost nothing but a skeleton left!

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Thanks for the info now if the pictures can be found then a Hulk the end gallery can be made.

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In Hulk The End he has also gotten stronger because of the last world war that happened.The mutated roaches do mostly devour him,strip away his skin,chewed up his musculature,eat one of his kidneys and some of his intestines,and eat his eyes.It takes 17 minutes and 58 seconds for him to fully regenerate.Banner tries to kill himself by jumping off a cliff but turns in to the Hulk by the time he hits the ground.It's a really cool story if you like the Hulk which I do,I have it in the form of a one shot that came out in 2006 called Giant-Size Hulk,Planet Hulk.

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