hulk smash boring story writers! hulk is more EPIC!

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comment about this quote

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hulk hasnt been that great in awhile , but im liking the current hulk body , banner brain (ik, ik)

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Hulk is epic. Jason Aaron really hasn't been a great Hulk writer (though I did like parts of Hulk Asunder). Mark Waid's run should be pretty good.

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I feel like this past year of Hulk has been filler for Mark Waid's run.

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I feel like Hulk is in kind of a hard spot to write at the moment. He's progressed past being a savage, monosyllabic brute so his "rampaging monster" stories don't work. Red Hulk is also a much more productive member of the Avengers as well because he's a great tactical mind that can lead a team well, but has no problem taking orders either. Hulk is kind of the odd man out right now. I feel like they need to get him over the "hulk just wants to be left alone" thing if he's not going to be savage anymore because he has been boring lately. Hopefully with Red Hulk leading T-bolts and Hulks new role with SHIELD things will get interesting again.

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hulk smash

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