How much stronger is World Breaker Hulk than World War Hulk?

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How much?

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It seemed that he could have been thousands of times Stronger. Green radiation flowed from him, he was basically illuminating with power. As for strength it is implied that he is a planet buster. And his foot steps nearly destroyed the entire eastern Sea-Board.

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Infinitely stronger. Though Wourldbreaker is mainly a really pissed off Green Scar.

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World Breaker Hulk is what the Hulk basically made clear in the Gamma Monster Island arc prior to Stay Angry. He was beyond angry along time ago. So he's hyper enraged, but also deeply grieving because of the loss of his queen and children. So he's pulsing with continuous anger, but really not lashing out because he has somehow managed to preserve Banner's intelligence within himself. That way he can calculate strategies more similarly to Red Hulk than the typical Savage Green Hulk.

Although he did start losing it eventually towards the end when his gamma surge threatened to tear him and the Earth apart.

In conclusion, WorldBreaker is stronger than Green Scar.

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I always forget there's a difference, honestly.

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wbh= planet buster...... to much for normal hulk

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