How does Hulk survive?

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Yes I realize that its the comic books world and all, but a thought crossed my mind here lol. Hulk gets angry and angry, so....wouldn't that raise his blood pressure to dangerous levels or give him an aneurysm? Or a heart attack or something? I know its comics and all but....something I have always wondered, because getting angry isn't healthy at all especially if it just keeps building up and up you'd think Hulk would have popped a blood vessel or whatever.

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Hmmm... never looked at it that way before...

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@jobiwankenobi:  Right? Would be rather an ironic death though lol. Dying to what gives you strength.
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I guess his superhuman durability helps him.

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Maybe his amazing healing factor keeps it in check.

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I guess the body adjusts, but I always wondered if you could kill him by making him too angry too fast, like going from savage to worldbreaker might have reprecussions

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@Wolfrazer: If you can suspend your disbelief in the that Bruce Banner could survive being bombarded with gamma radiation I don't see why the increase in his blood pressure would be an issue. Besides animals like the giraffe which has the highest blood pressure in the animal kingdom don't just drop dead when they get frightened or pissed off.

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Well doesn't a hulk's heart enlarge when they shapeshift? So a bigger heat means more blood to the brain and body, ergo less chance of collapsing of an arrhythmia or whatever (blood clots?)

Unless it's high adrenaline doses. Then maybe the hulks become adrenaline junkies instead of collapsing.

(I'm so out of it right now that if my response sounds whacky, I apologize immensely).

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Lol Hulk has a stress related heart attack.

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@Ms. Omega:  Would be hilarious lol. But ya Sonny1, guess I can go with that.
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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: Never did a vivisection on a hulk so it's hard to say. Hulk is a comic book character and trying to add real world science to a fictional character which should not exist in the first place is just ridiculous.

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Lol, but it's fun to use your noodle. :)

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