How Does Hulk Stay Mad?

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Ok now the title may be a little silly to people, but first let me explain so clearly Hulk's healing factor heals him from any aneurysm's or any brain damage that his rage induces how come his rage isn't healed by his healing factor? And don't give me an answer like he wouldn't be able to transform, and responses like that.

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Tight underwear.

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Well... I'd say that rage isn't a disease or a kind of "wound" and can't therefore be "healed", but I might be mistaken or I might not understand exactly what you're talking about.

Also, I'm not a Hulk reader, I know the character too little to be sure about anything.

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He needs stimulus to keep angry. Sometimes he asks his friends to insult him in order for him to get stronger to beat a baddy. Sometimes just remembering a horrific event is enough to drive him to WorldBreaker strength levels.

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He thinks about the Ang Lee Hulk film

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Rage is an emotion not physical thing. A healing factor has no effect on that.

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Only thing that can heal the Hulk for a second is Betty, and that's when she isn't nutso like she gets when her She-Hulk takes over.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: I wouldn't call it healing but yes his love for her soothes his emotional state.
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Seems to me both Hulks need Betty to calm down (even Big Red seemed a bit happier when he saw or thought about her.)

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: Well she is his daughter.
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Lol, true. But he usually was the jealous type when regarding her marriage with Bruce (then again all dads are like that with their baby girls)

But seriously, Red Hulk needs to get a girl o his soon or else he'll be stuck looking like the '40 year old Hulk'.

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I don't think a healing factor covers for staying angry I find it really easy so I'm sure hulk doesn't have a problem staying angry :)

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: Red Hulk is into appliances now. Hence his interest in the toaster LMD. :p
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@Dernman said:

Rage is an emotion not physical thing. A healing factor has no effect on that.
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He takes testosterone. DUH!!! He OD's on that crap too lol.

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Rage and anger aren't afflictions, although actions whilst angry may be and they are also naturally occurring in humans (and Hulks) because of chemical, physiological and psychological reasons. Which means it would be like healing happiness. Also remembering that anger is just one trigger for the Hulk. There are multiple triggers.    

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because EVERYTHING ANGERS him lmao

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Aww, but she's a pretty toaster yo. >:V

But if Red Hulk gets a new series with a crap writer, they may have him spontaneously hatching baby cyborg Rulks from his chest like in Alien.

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Anger and rage can be amped due to a chemical imbalance. Drug companies make a ton of money treating these symptoms.

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Knowing the people like Snooki still exist on this planet should be enough to keep him angry for a while

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He never has money for pants,bad hair day, no more toilet paper,corns and bunions,bad breath,needs a hug, can't afford cable tv, fingers to big to dial numbers for take out, no home address,puny deodorant, sore throat from screaming, 2 many Batman (Adam West) re- runs, Saw Ang Lee Hulk,car bumper stuck in his toe nail, Looking for DC writers for creating Solomon Grundy in his likeness, Someone wearing Red is impersonating him, Thor's hammer fell on his toe, Young justice episodes are slow, Wants a pair of Jordans in his size, has a dental appointment with Doctor, Strange , Octopus,Doom, Sampson,Giggles,McCoy,Conners, J, hell he forgot. Maybe he just forgot why he's angry, maybe.

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No matter how hard he tries he just can't forget that first Hulk movie!

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he can still hear what others say when he is dormant in banner. That gives him fuel to continue.

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Comic book logic.

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