How about a skin-colored Hulk?

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Initially Hulk should have been gray. Stan Lee took gray because he doesn´t wanted Hulk assign any ethnic group. (This is incomprehensible, since most of Marvel superheroes are white.) Due to problems with printing, Stan Lee had to choose a different color. He chose green. Then it took an explanation for the color change. Hulk should have chloroplasts in the skin, which used the sun as an energy source. So Hulk is green because there were problems with printing and not because it was planned that way. Grey is a color that can not work well in movies. Hulk would act as a bloodless, a living dead or vampire. Green is better, but on the other hand, this color looks a bit weird.

So if Hulk was originally planned as gray, wouldn´t it be better if he were skin-colored?

What do you think?

Here are some examples of how it would look like:

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see interior.

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Ha ha ha ha..... I kind of like this Idea.

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@theacidskull: Thanks, for your comment. Do you like the idea of a skin-colored Hulk?

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@theacidskull: As you said, Green is an iconic color for the Hulk and we are used to it. On the other hand, a skin-colored Hulk would not be bad. It´s even more realistic. Because the explanation for his green skin is a bit poor. So, why not. I would not mind. It´s pure matter of habituation. Imagine Hulk would have remained gray and suddenly he is green. Scandalous :-)

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I really don't think it would look right. Human colour skin brings him closer to humanity whereas I think he's at his best when portrayed as a misunderstood monster.

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Gamma radiation is colorless. A second poor explanation :-). In addition, gamma radiation is harmful or fatal. Oh, Nr. 3 :-).

Realism and fiction are not always mutually exclusive. But I understand what you mean.

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@guttridgeb: The color does not affect the essence of the Hulk. Think of Mr. Hyde. He and Frankenstein are the main reasons for the creation of the Hulk. We want to have him green just because we are used to it. Remember, actually he should be grey. Now, there is a grey, red and even a red-green Hulk. And they are all in a bad mood :-)

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@theacidskull: Hm ... well then let´s hope Hulk will not change his mind. Because whether green or skin-colored: he will smash, either way :-)

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@zardu: I realize this but I think that the inhuman colour adds to the monstrous element of Hulk. Just because he was originally intended to be grey doesn't mean that's the right colour for him any more :)

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What about that guy from the Ultimate Universe?

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No thank you.

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No, skin colored Hulk just looks weird. Having him green acknowledges the transformation. Skin colored makes him seem human still, just super bulked up.

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@arturocalakayvee: Yes, I know. But Hulk is characterized in that he is the second personality of Banner. Dr. Jekyll turns into Mr. Hyde, he changes the body and his personality. We are used to the green color, that's all.

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