His size in the Avengers

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I couldn't help but notice the Hulk is a lot more smaller in the Avengers than he was in The Incredible Hulk. The normal characters are roughly reaching his shoulder while in the original movie they are reaching his waist size. Did someone else noticed that?

#2 Posted by cattlebattle (14394 posts) - - Show Bio

His size seemed inconsistent to me, he seemed rather large when uh....fighting Loki, but then when he was standing with he other Avengers, about to take Loki in...he seemed small

#3 Posted by evilvegeta74 (4672 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah I caught that too

#4 Posted by clemj (849 posts) - - Show Bio
@cattlebattle: the angle was not easy so the got a smaller hulk for this part 
 but it's true that now that you said it...
#5 Posted by htb106 (1724 posts) - - Show Bio

one of my friends actually brought this up the other day...

#6 Posted by joshmightbe (26598 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk's size has never been all that consistent in the comics either if you think about it. Sometimes he'll seem to tower over every one while other times he'll be just barely taller then Cap. The old live action TV show was the only place Hulk's size was always the same.

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His height hasn't been established so they play around with it to suit their purposes

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His size seemed a little inconsistent within the Avengers movie alone. Not enough to be distracting, but it was noticeable.

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Hmm...now that its been mentioned, I have to say that is is rather inconsistent in some parts. Once the Blu-Ray comes out it'll be easier to do a comparison.

#10 Posted by The_Peter_Cosmic (410 posts) - - Show Bio

I've always thought Hulk's size was pretty fluid depending on his emotional state.

#11 Posted by PowerHerc (86157 posts) - - Show Bio

The size of the Hulk is inconsistent but considering the time and money put into these movies it shouldn't be.

#12 Posted by troller (920 posts) - - Show Bio

I preferred the larger versions of the hulk

#13 Edited by Inverno (13757 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah he is a lot more shorter this time... or Thor is taller than most humans.

#14 Edited by worldbreakerhulk (335 posts) - - Show Bio

in this scene hulk is just squatted. in the movie , generally hulk doesn't walk like human, more like an ape, so he looks shorter.

#15 Posted by karrob (4288 posts) - - Show Bio

in this scene hulk is just squatted. in the movie , generally hulk doesn't walk like human, more like an ape, so he looks shorter.


#16 Posted by TechnoBacon2014 (224 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, Hulk most of the time is Hunched over he almost never stands upright.

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