HARD RULK : Bowen vs Kotobukiya Red Hulk Statues - Post #1

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POST #1 - HARD RULK : Bowen vs Kotobukiya Red Hulk Statues.

When it became time to purchase a statue of Marvel's popular red giant Rulk to compliment the REDHULK BLOG office, I had a significant decision to make. There were two very good Red Hulk statues available on the market, but I only had room for one: the best. Cost would not be an issue.

First, I reviewed the KOTOBUKIYA Red Hulk statue. 

Kotobukiya Red Hulk Packaging

Released in the Summer of 2010 and sculpted by Erick Sosa, the Kotobukiya Red Hulk stands 13 inches tall from his head to its volcanic base.  


Kotobukiya Red Hulk Side View

 The resin sculpt was based on the artwork of Ed Mcguinness. Two interchangeable magnetized heads are included, one smiling with a punishing glee and the other enraged over a bruised ''x'' on his face created by a hammer blow of the mighty Thor (faithfully recreated from the pages of the HULK comic issue #5).

Kotobukiya Red Hulk Front View

Next, I took a look at the BOWEN Red Hulk statue. 

Bowen Red Hulk Packaging

This statue was released in the summer of 2009 and was sculpted by Randy Bowen with Troy McDevitt. Including its themed display base, the Bowen Red Hulk stands 14 inches tall, one inch taller than the Kotobukiya statue.  


Bowen Red Hulk Side View

Cast in polystone, Bowen statues have a great reputation in quality and design.   


Bowen Red Hulk Front View

THE VERDICT : A Rulk like no other... KOTOBUKIYA!!
This was an easy decision for me. I absolutely love the artwork of Ed Mcguiness and no artist compares to his original vision of the Rulk, bar none. For the same reasons some dislike his art.... gigantic rip-roaring muscled frame, oversized jaw bone and hands... are the same reasons why I feel his Red Hulk is superior to other artists who have taken a stab at it... including Randy Bowen's statue. No other artist's rendition oozes the energy and raw power like the Rulk's co-creater EdMcguinness... and the Kotobukiya statue captures that essense with great success. Add the fact that the Kotobukiya statue's pose has the formal general's aggresive fist cocked and ready to land a punch.. while Bowen's statue only leans forward in a static position, makes this a unanimous decision by knockout! Thanks Kotobukiya, I am very pleased.  



 A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.

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