guys (i mean girls2) who cAN BEAT UP hulk???????????????????

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I would say thor would win....with his hammer the reason hes so OP is cuz of that insane hammer lol i think hulk would win if he didnt have it but thor and that hammer are inseprable not that im complaining i want the hammer

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@White Mage said:

the a atar says:

"tell me them please "
Certain DC people, and I believe the Silver Surfer. Other than that, I really don't know. Maybe Thor? Maybe Scarlet Witch? Maybe Dr. Strange 1/2? "

here we go... hulk has already proven that he is the strongest one there is thus meaning that he has proven that he can't be "beaten up"...he can be knocked down but never beaten up...
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@Noir_Dark said:

Vance Astro says:

"Noir_Dark says:
"Vance Astro says:
"Noir_Dark says:
"Vance Astro says:
"the a atar says:
"tell me them please "
Juggernaut Trion Juggernaut The Void Superman Wonder Woman Slver Surfer Ghost Rider The Flash I could go all day..."
I'm not convinced that the Juggernaut could beat the Hulk, I'd say stalemate at best. And the only hope Ghost Rider has is getting in a Penance Stare, if he could get close enough without getting smashed. I'd like to add Lobo and Thanos. "
Ghost Rider doesn't need the Penance stare to beat Hulk. "
What else has he got?"

Superhuman strength and durability,

Ability to project regular and ethereal flame

Ability to travel between dimensions and along any surface

Magical chain

Flaming motorcycle"

How is any of that gonna hurt the Hulk?


this has all been said and done. None of this has any affect on the hulk...The penace stare won't work because hulk has too much rage and will easily outdo ghostriders "penace stare"...want some more?
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@Noir_Dark said:

Resonate says:

"Alpha says:
"No One can beat him up."


Whats the deal with this? Does ultimate Cap have super human strength?

this must be PIS

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@Vance Astro: The Flash wold hurt himself fighting hulk lol.

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@Teerack said:

@Vance Astro: The Flash wold hurt himself fighting hulk lol.

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The hulk can and has been beaten by many, there's always a bigger fish, but the ghost rider? get serious, juggernaut has been a worthy opponent

time and again but has been beaten by hulk,Thor and Hulk have always been pretty much equal,but not so long ago in Avengers Assemble issue 4

Thor was basically knocked out when his own hammer was used against him when Hulk grabbed his arm.

@Teerack how so?

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I hate people who say Juggernaut could take Hulk... He has done nothing to prove this statement at all. Trion Juggernaut is not stronger than WorldBreaker... But saying that, neither of them would win the fight because their powers counteract so it would result in them both facing the fact that they are evenly matched.

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Sentry could defeat the hulk, He also can emit an energy that was strong enough to sooth an enraged Hulk, Sentry has the power of 1,000,000 exploding suns.

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Physically or by whatever power?

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Thought Robot

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