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Hi all. Been away from comics for awhile (only a couple of years, matter of 2 new arrivals in the family), used to be on these boards semi-regularly but forgot my details so re-registered. I've decided to make use of the over 30 years of comics collecting experience (11,000 comics and counting, not to mention about 500 graphic novels and a ton of digital now....) by doing some single comics related pages on my favorite graphic novels and characters. Its ongoing, but I have done 10 pages so far (Avengers, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye to name a few...), and am aiming them at people that may be coming into comics from seeing the movies first. Hopefully they are interesting to all, but 'newbies' are the main target; comics can be confusing, so I thought recommending some collections to start with may be helpful.

I would appreciate it if people could take a look at my pages, and tell me what they think, positive or negative. Bear in mind, for copyright etc, I am limited in what I can use, and that I have not chosen just the top ten titles for each character, but tried to provide a good cross-section of eras and styles, so have chosen perhaps lesser storylines than others because they are that bit different.

I'm having fun, and plan on doing around a hundred or so, so ongoing feedback is always helpful. If you think this is of interest, please take a peek at which lists my individual pages. You can comment on them on the pages themselves or here, I don't mind either!

don't be too hard....!

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@FloridaDino: very neat my friend , i loved it :D

the site had some gerogian texts so are you by any chance gerogian, just curious :D


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