GREEN HULK : Marvel's Kevin Feige describes Hulk in AVENGERS Film

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Hulk Concept Art for AVENGERS 2012 Film
The Los Angeles Times Hero Complex had an opportunity to briefly sit down with Marvel's President Kevin Feige to discuss the look of the new Hulk in the upcoming 2012 film THE AVENGERS.  Here are those revealing details: 

GB:  Will we see anything substantially different in the visual realization of the Hulk? 

KF: Well, I don’t know about substantially different. It will be as different as ”The Incredible Hulk” was from Ang Lee’s “Hulk” in terms of its look and design, but it is Hulk. The image we released on the last day of Comic-Con — which got a tremendous amount of attention and I was very pleased about — is a very good representation of what he’s going to look like. Hulk is Hulk. We’re not going to reinvent the wheel. 

GB: How big will he be? That’s been a major variable through the years in the comics and the two films as well. 

KF: He’ll be about the same size he was in “The Incredible Hulk” [which was about 9 feet tall] or maybe a little bit smaller. His muscles won’t be quite as cut. We figure he’s been the Hulk now for a few years and [his physique is changing]. He’s not as cut or as ripped as he was in “The Incredible Hulk.” The most important thing is that face. As you can already see in that concept painting, it is — more than any Hulk that’s ever been done in live action — a Hulk that let’s you see the actor in there. You will be able to see Ruffalo in there. That was a big revelation for us. It’s just a concept painting, but in that you can see the [influence of Marvel Comics pioneer and original Hulk artist Jack] Kirby, as people have already pointed out, but also, and equally important in this case, Ruffalo’s eyes and his cheek structure. It is him.


GB: That sounds like a very different philosophy than the approach you took on Louis Letterrier’s movie. 

KF: It is. It was something we actively avoided before. Hulk was Hulk, he’s not any one actor and Hulk should look like Hulk. It was  like Iron Man’s armor, in a way, it wouldn’t change depending on the actor wearing it. But we’ve taken a different approach because Hulk is Banner and, frankly, we came to question our approach. Why are we not doing it this way?  So we did a few designs that put Ruffalo into it, and we immediately saw how much more you feel for the creature. When you keep that connection going between Banner and the Hulk and you have characters around him trying to reach Banner inside — “Bruce, calm down,” and all of that classic Hulk stuff — it means more if you see the same actor throughout. I think before it was something we thought might look silly. We were nervous about getting it good enough [via visual effects] to work. Frankly, it was the same way we were nervous early on about making Steve Rogers skinny for “Captain America.” Is this going to look disturbing? Is this going to look silly? In the end, we got that one right. We’re going to get this one right.

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A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.  
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Kirby Hulk in Avengers? WINNING!

#2 Posted by RedHulk (40 posts) - - Show Bio

I love the look too, but for continuity sake I wish they stayed with Ed Norton and Louis Letterrier’s Hulk.  And how about a cameo from William Hurt's General Ross?  There should be some references to him at the least, considering Tony Stark did approach him about the Avenger's initiative.
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Love the upcoming look for the Hulk in the Avengers movie. I do see a bit of the actor in there and I can tell they took some inspiration from the Classic Hulk look which I am really into.

#4 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (13697 posts) - - Show Bio

hmmm letterier's hulk was my favorite, but this one looks good too
#5 Posted by darkcloakx (788 posts) - - Show Bio

 funny pic about hulk , check this out guys. looking forward to the avengers still 

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