GREEN HULK : Hulk NUDE in Avengers? So says Poster & Mark Ruffalo

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Please tell me this is not happening.  When high resolution pictures hit of the first promotional poster for Marvel's upcoming Avengers film (on display at the 2011 Licensing International Expo) the latest version of our favorite green giant appeared nude.  Hulk's pants were no where to be found.  His privates were thankfully hidden by a well placed red cape worn by Thor.  Take a good look... 

AVENGERS Hulk is Nude?

Now we have a tweet today from none other than Mark Ruffalo, the new Bruce Banner featured in Marvel's upcoming Avengers film.  This is what he had to say: 


Mark Ruffalo Tweet

I'm speechless.  Maybe the Hulk losing his pants in a quick, well timed scene would work for a quick comedic moment, but a pantless Hulk is featured in the licensing poster too?  Are my eyes deceiving me?  I hope so... 

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Oh look, they're going the Ultimate route.... they DID do that in Ultimate, right? Or was it the XXX anniversary issue? Oh silly me, I mix things up all the time. 

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they did it in heroes reborn. i dont think he'll be nude the WHOLE movie
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Makes sense to me. I love purple pants, but if I was Hulk, I would go nude. Hell, even if I wasn't Hulk I'd go nude. Wait what? 

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how bout we puts some pants on him XD

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@Emperormeister734 said:
how bout we puts some pants on him XD
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No wonder everyone else is running away

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I'm only okay with this if he jumps rope too!

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DC responds by having Blake Lively completely nude in Green Lantern 2, but people will be too busy complaining about how the GL suit is inaccurate, so no one will notice.

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