Gotten stronger over the decades

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I was thumbing through some old comics at a friends house and it got me thinking. Hulk has evolved so much more than any other character i can think of. In early Hulk comics, Hulk was nowhere near Super-man or Thor's level. He was beaten regularly. He lost to Wolverine, Spiderman, Captain America, Namor, Rhino, and for God's sake... even the Thing! He was strong but he was on the strength level of the aforementioned characters. Over the decades though writers started changing this. Now there are comics where the Hulk is crushing Thor's hammer (Mjolnir) in his hand like its a toy and has beaten Thor (Just an example) like four times! 
Why is it that the Hulk is being written this way?!?! I want to see the Hulk go back to his roots. I am tired of hearing people talk about how he is stronger than Superman and blah blah blah. What do u guys think? 

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  Because they lack imagination.  

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First off, Hulk has never broken Mjolnir, that was just a dream and Thor has never used his other powers against the Hulk for plot purposes. The guy is one of the biggest walking PIS piles on comic history. He just needs another adjustment IMO, WWH was awesome, I liked how they gave him depth as a character. It wasn't just Hulk smash, it was he was fighting for a cause for one that he cared about.  He doesn't need to get any stronger or weaker, he just needs a readjustment something different.

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Hulk is popular. All characters popular traits tend to fluctuate often more towards what will be considered as being viewed as more likable to the fans, slash customer. Uh, Hulk has not broken Thor's hammer or beaten him. (depending on your definition) but anyway, His strength is a gimmick. Banner is also small and puny, Hulk's the opposite of that in an extreme way. Somewhere along the way, a writer with a poor understanding of infinity theorized that if Hulk kept on getting angrier and therefore stronger, that he would have no limits and therefore be potentially infinite in strength. Now that's fairly popular with fans as a narrative (even though technically its not that an exclusive trait because infinity isn't a number and since all things are generally relatively and therefore not absolute Hulks sort of in the mix with everyone)  
Just like Superman though, the character is alright (good actually), really, really strong sure but its all about the writer. 

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@Amegashita: Yup.
There's really not much else to Hulk winning fights these days.

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