Favorite Hulk Issue?

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What the title says.

mine would be incredible hulk #611

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Mine would have to be the story arc of "Future Imperfect" with the battle between the Hulk & Maestro. I really enjoy seeing Hulk go on a rampage and seeing not just one, but two of them smash things up is pretty cool. Two of my favorite issues of Hulk, without a doubt. However, I did find that all the issues below to be my all-time favorite comics.

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Hard to say, one of em has to be Indestructible Hulk #1 simply because it showed Bruce Banner in a whole new light.

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Too many to pick just one...

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Just one?

Can I give a list of favorites from ever era?

Hmm... maybe I'll create a blog of my favorite Hulk issues.

There's just some many great tales from writers like Bill Mantlo, Peter David and Greg Pak.

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Incredible Hulk 340.

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The Planet Hulk mini series has been favorite Hulk story of all time.

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Rick Jones's Bachelor Party......

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The Incredible Hulk #24-25 Storyline: "Always On My Mind"

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The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1-2

One of my most favorite storylines EVER!

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for rampage sake the world war hulk collection

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I could go on and on

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Yeah, I lost count on how many are my favorites.

I've got tons from Greg Pak, Peter David and Bill Mantlo.

Hmm... guess I'll make a list. :)

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