Favorite Hulk artist

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mine is Paul Pelletier, who's yours? 

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I dont know who was the artist for these. But imo he should do Hulk all the time!

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@Greendevil said:

Ed McGuiness
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John Byrne. 

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Sal Buscema (pencils) and Ernie Chan inks. 


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marie severin.  hulk 104 cover is awesome  the older stuff is pretty good. john byrne was good and i think it was john romita sr. who did the hulk twinkee ads for hostess, where he fights the abomination ans wendigo.                                                                               
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@IIDEADxPOOLII:  thx. Yes him, he is awesome ;)
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Ed McGuiness and Paul Pelletier

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@TDK_1997 said:
Ed McGuiness and Paul Pelletier
The only good decision Jeph Loeb made in Hulk was to have Ed McGuiness' pencils.
 And Paul Pelletier was simply AMAZING in Incredible Hulk # 611.
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Ed McGuinness & Dale Keown
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Ed McGuinness and Bryan Hitch
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Paul Pelletier, and Ed McGuinness it is as if they were born to draw the hulk although i like paul's battles, human character ,draws banner better then anyone,
ed's banner looks like a small weakling 
while paul's looks like a handsome confident man

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Todd Mcarlane 
Kirby(I know) 
Dale Keown 
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Sal Bucema 
John Byrne 
Gary Frank 
John Romita JR

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Top 5:
(1) Gary Frank 
(2) Liam Sharp 
(3) Roger Cruz  
(4) Darick Roberston    
(5) Dale Keown   

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My favorite is Ed McGuinness for his Hulk vol.2. It was Red Hulk though that I loved.

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tie between Carlo Pagulayan and Ed Mcgunness depends on my mood that day lol

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1. Ed McGuinnness

2. Dale Keown

3. Paul Pelletier

4. Gary Frank

5. Sal Buscema

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