ESSENTIAL RULK : Review of HULK Issue # 2

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HULK Issue #2

"THE @#$%ING HULK IS HERE!" the She-Hulk horrifyingly screams as her body is violently ripped from a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier command center by a fearsome pair of oversized red atomic hands.   "JEN!" Tony Stark calls!   "DAMMIT!   How did he get in here??   And am I the only one to see RED HANDS NOT GREEN??"

Making up for only a cover appearance in the first issue of the HULK, the Red Hulk appears early, exploding onto the second page of Issue #2 "The Smoking Gun" like a volcanic eruption that never lets up.

Moments later, pounded into a pulp and unconscious, the She-Hulk is hurdled back through the chamber's ceiling, crashing at Stark's feet.   Tony lurches back in shock and instinctively pushes Maria Hill away.   "Commander Hill.. Get to Safety... OR GET SOME ARMOR ON!!"

This exciting, action-packed rollercoaster ride of an issue reads more like an action scene in a feature film than your usual comic.   Jeph Loeb successfully penned a Juggernaut of an action piece (and horror) for the Red Hulk's first reveal, giving Iron Man, the She-Hulk and the Hellicarrier itself a beat down that will never be forgotten.   It's extremely well paced, with a sense of urgency and dread needed for this type of issue. 

Iron Man hunting the Rulk

None of this would be possible of course without the brilliance of artist Ed McGuiness who designed and draws the thunderous Rulk so devilishly menacing in this book... having the red monster lurk and attack from the shadows of the Helicarrier (reminiscent of film classics like "Alien".)   The dread and panic drawn in the faces of the heroes are all exceptional as well as the intense armored look of a pissed off Iron Man as he tries to save his crew and his ship.   The corridors of the Helicarrier have an appropriate dark, claustrophobic feel creating a tension that the hellish creature can jump out at you at any time... and all this great art is surrounded by Ed's trademark action panels, fittingly grand in scale. 

Red Hulk's first inside comic appearance

Presenting the first inside comic page appearance of the Red Hulk (as well as Rick Jones’ first appearance of his new alter ego A-Bomb) and you have one essential issue... and where action comics are concerned.. among the best of the best.  


5 out of 5 Stars 

 A general falls. A red monster rises. Stay tuned.



HULK Issue #2 Variant A
HULK Issue #2 Variant B
HULK Issue #2 Variant C Second Printing




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