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On Marvel universe wiki, it lists Hulk's powergrid stats like int, str, speed, durability, energy projection, and fighting skills and fans can vote on it but Marvel themselves gave the Hulk 7 out of 7 in speed so what does that mean? Is that how fast the Hulk can travel or his reaction time? If it's both then I don't see how people can keep saying Hulk can't tag speedsters when Marvel themselves say that the Hulk can move very fast. I know the powergrid isn't very accurate but it's Marvel's own stats for the Hulk when writing for him though I know a lot of people use PIS/WIS when it comes to the Hulk in regards to his feats.

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Never trust a wiki.

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Even though it's Marvel's own website?

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- The Marvel Power Grid is just about useless, giving it any attention is a waste of time

- A scale as limited as 1 to 7 lumps multiple characters with far different power levels to be given the same score and the numbers are rarely updated making most severely out of date

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@WarMachineMarkV: I totally agree with what you said. If we change the scale from 1 to 100, what would current Hulk's stats be for intelligence, strength, durability, speed, energy projection, and fighting skills be?

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