Different Persona's, Inconsistent Powers, Bad Writing...WTF!!!!!!

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I am a huge Hulk fan, but am I the only one that gets pissed off with the inconsistencies of the character, and the lack of explanation for his changes of persona... 
I mean for example I think I understand that him and Bruce were of like minds and goals for awhile when he went into World Breaker mode, but maybe I'm not paying attention but why doesn't Marvel even try to explain what the change was about.  I understand he pretty much suffers from multiple personality disorder as the Hulk, but could they try to iron shit over... 
And am I the only one that has gone into World Breaker withdrawls after Planet Hulk and a less impressive WWH?   It is almost like Marvel doesnt know what to do with him.  I mean of the elite comic book characters, how many has so little acclaimed books for the time theyve been around as Hulk.  I mean there are some good books, dont get me wrong, but they are normally misses. 
And am i the only one that is sick of marvel putting their poster boy, Wolverine, up against the Hulk like their is any kind of intrigue after the millionth time of Hulk thrashing him of who will win?  Or maybe u wanna wet ur will with him and Wendigo going toe to toe....  I mean seriously, who still gets a jolly from their meaningless tussles anymore?  He can freaking take on the Avengers by himself, but Wolverine gives him trouble as any green hulk.... GTFO... not buying it.  
And I understand he gets stronger when he is angrier, but some characters he should be able to handle with ease regardless of his power level, and it just makes the character seem ridiculously inconsistent.  And I think its about time to give the WWE, get you in the end thematics a rest.  
Ok enough of my whining unlike Marvel, I will come up with a good solution... 
Like most uber powered marvel characters, the Hulk is too powerful to stay on the Earth as much as he does.  Like Vulcan, Thanos, Silver Surfer, Nova, etc, Hulk  is too big for the blue planet, and needs to be interglatic and ideally in his Worldbreaker persona.  Or atleast put him against worthy opponents, and enough with stupid gamma baddies. 
And quick question, is there actually people that prefer a less intelligent incarnation of the Hulk to the smarter forms, and especially refering to the World Breaker form?

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It seems when a new writer comes on board, they just write whatever version of the Hulk they want to, and with no explanation of why he may be in a different persona than previous stories.  I liked the Peter David stories where you always knew what was going on with the how and why of whatever persona was present.   But now days you either get the completely dumb green Hulk or a variation with a little intelligence, usually with no explanation.  At the very least I'd like to see some continuity and story reasons for whatever direction they take the character in.
I have always preferred the Hulk personas with some intelligence, Joe Fixit, the Professor, and the Green Scar.  The good ol' classic savage Hulk is fun for an appearance here and there, but long term I think you can have more interesting stories with an intelligent Hulk.  I liked the Savage Hulk when Banner was dealing with the different Hulk personalities.  I had always hoped someone would take the story forward where Banner went through a period of multiple transformations and we could see various incarnations of the Hulk appear, perhaps linked to different triggers.
I think the biggest problem is the most well known version of the Hulk outside of the comic audience will always be the savage green Hulk, and Marvel doesn't want to stray too far from that.  

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since he''s consistently had power, persona and color changes even throughout his history
since he ever was how is it inconsistent? seriously this is just another " i hate Red Hulk, Loeb and the current direction " thread, as your dating after WWHulk. dont we have hundreds of these rant threads already.
also Marvel already explained his personality and power changed.
it happened in the current Fall Of The Hulks comics, and was kind of one of the larger points.
you know the story where Hulk is now Banner (im sure you mat have heard of that persona?)
Worldbreaker while cool was the inconsistency. how can you say your some long time Hulk fan and not know that was a new and radical thing? 
Wolverine?  the hell are you talking about? the last time Hulk fought Wolverine was in your favorite World War Hulk? remember? Wolverine has fought Red Hulk....ever heard of him?
there already is an intergalactic Hulk character with the Worldbreaker persona,
his name is Hiro-Kala, and he's doubled by another Worldbreaker, Skaar.
never heard of them? theyve kind of been a focus of the Hulk comics since 
World War Hulk ended (thats right, it ended. in 2008, the year is now 2010).
so since you apparently havent read any Hulk cosmic since 2008, im going to have to say your idea sucks, especially since its already done. also that i dont think Marvels writers on Hulk might be the stupid ones. because you dont understand what you read, much less dont read it, doesnt make the writer stupid.

 but maybe I'm not paying attention

only correct thing you said.
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Ok, the first thing I want to say is that the above poster is a douche. In response to your post, I agree that the more intelligent hulks are easier to relate to and are far more interesting to read.

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^^right it's always somebody disagreeing with you in a jerky way on this site, it's cool if your knowledgeable but must you be rude?  Anyway I understand your plight entirely, somebody post the link to the thread explaining these persona's, cause I love the hulk and have followed him and I don't get them either.  Are they trying to say Savage Hulk is the Basic hulk and all other hulk persona's have been variations of Banners personality traits trying to manifest themselves into the Hulks?  Has the unstable mind finally become stable as Bruce Banner realizes Hulk is only "his rage" and not another personality, subsequently letting go of his savage anger that consumes his logic and makes him dumb?  The Hulk is Bruce's Savage instincts when he can ignore his inhibitions and cut loose, maybe Bruce just finally woke up inside of the beast realizing they are one and the same consequently causing the two halfs that hate each other to become one again.  I just wwant to understand that's all same as you... 

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