Could Magneto cure Hulk...of Hulk?

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Very simple question. 

First and foremost Magneto can control the electromagnetic spectrum.  The spectrum includes Gamma radiation amongst other things.  Considering that we have seen Magneto use his powers to open up wormholes, send EMP's across the entire planet etc etc...sucking the radiation out of Bruce seems like a trivial task. 

If so it puts a whole new perspective on Hulk vs Magneto thread in the battle forums.


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I guess the big question would be could Magneto continue pulling the gamma out of Banner long enough to exhaust it? Magneto is massively powerful, but he's still subject to fatigue and exhaustion. Healing Colossus during the mutant massacre left him near the point of collapse (and it didn't even work out the way he wanted it to, either).

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You are correct in saying that he is limited by his own body in a sense.  His showings can...and have changed dramatically.  Now keep in mind this doesn't have to be hulk who he is doing this to.  In a completely hypothetical situation if he were to get his hands on Banner and not a raging hulk he would have more than enough time to do so.  Would it take a long time or no?...only the writers could tell us that.

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@Doombert :
Good question  but Idon't think that's possible.It's not subatomic or in magnetic level,Hulks dna is actually infested with gamma radiation,
maybe a minimal breakthrough can be made by expirimenting in Banners body electrecal energy but again it's minimal and short time.
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If Magneto COULD cure the Hulk, he wouldnt be succesful if he tried. Hulk has shown that he has his own personality and mind set, so the second Magneto tries to suck out all the gamma radiation from his body, Hulk would get so angry he would keep generating more and more, and Magneto can't keep syphoning radiation forever, whereas Hulk can keep generating it.
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I'm sure there a lot of other practical characters that should in theory be able to cure him, too. Like matter manipulators, or people like Reed Richards and other super-smart people.

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Nope.  But it's a nice thought.

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