Can the Maestro Hulk become the Worldbreaker when he's angry?

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The Maestro Hulk has twice as m uch radiation as the Professor Hulk. So I wonder if he could become the Worldbreaker Hulk if he got angry enough. Perhaps the world that the Maestro Hulk was living in was destroyed because he became the Worldbreaker. Banner was told it was nuclear war that destroyed everything, but perhaps it was really the Maestro Hulk. 
Can the Maestro Hulk become the Worldbreaker when he's angry? 

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I think no because the WB Hulk came along because of Banner and Hulk working together in unison and said union lead to a new version of the Hulk. So I think it's less about how much radiation  he takes in and more about less conflict with the Hulk's powers. All versions of the Hulk have the possibility to become a WB but doesn't mean all of them will.

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