Artist you would like to see on the Hulk for a long run ?

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What the title say's. I say bring back Dale Keown

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Artists For Both Interrior and Cover Art

Paul Pelletier

Dale Keown

Olivier Coipel

Carlo Pagulayan

Aaron Lopresti

Mike Deodato Jr.

Marko Djurdjevic

Jim Lee

Richard Elson

Gary Frank

Ron Lim

Andrea DiVito

Steve McNiven

Ed McGuinness

Stuart Immonen

Esad Ribic

Leinil Yu

Terry Dodson

Jason Fabok

Greg Capullo

Lee Weeks

Steve Epting

Gabriele Dell'Otto

Dustin Weaver

Jim Cheung

David Finch

Greg Land

That's all I can think of as of now.

Would anyone else like to make mention of a few other artists?

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I wouldn't mind Gary Frank, his art has evolved beautifully. Ron Lim is just yuck

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I wouldn't mind Jerome Opena on hulk for a while.

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@spinningbirdcake: You know he has a very likable style, wouldn't mind him at all. But his Hulk is of the Alex Ross variety, it's to ape like for my taste. It's been said that the Hulk is the ultimate evolution of humans, hence I roll my eyes at the ape like look. I doubt humans devolve back to apes. That being said apart from the Hulk his interpretations from the rest of Marvel's stable are incredible. I would just want him to do away with the ape look in regards to the Hulk, and would happily welcome him aboard

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Jim Lee

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@verotikryptonite: Haha yeah I know what you mean, that's actually what I like about it. I suppose I just enjoy a banana eating Hulk. His apeness really comes through in this picture

I guess I dig the animal styling of Hulk more than the super jacked humanoid version of him.

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I wouldn't object to Alex Ross dropping by for the full Kingdom Come treatment on Hulk art. It'd be nice to see him draw the actual Hulk rather than the Earth X version.

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