A Hulk Tribute

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Admittedly, these next two are pretty drastically different in tone. The first is the one I really tried with. The one I really sought to bring Banner's pain through. The second is more a personal thing I made for fun, and to try and show off that sometimes, when Banner cuts loose, it's feels better to stop holding back than he may like to admit. Again, criticism welcome and appreciated.

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I really liked the "Banner Hurts" video!

Thank you. ^^

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@Sinfulplayerx said:

The 1st Video was off the chain!

I enjoyed the second one too but as the 1st video.

Thank you. ^^

Thanks for watching. Admittedly, I made the second video more for fun than anything else. Appreciate the support!

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they were both good but Banner Hurts was amazing.....I felt the pain bro T_T lol

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I like the 2003 Hulk .It just didn't have enough action. The action in the 2008 film was lame and looked crappy. The CGI for Hulk and Abomination looked it was done on someone's out-of-date home-computer.

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