A good invention for Banner ?

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would it be good if banner made something that held radiation and injected him with it when the radiation gets siphoned from his body

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banner built a gamma ray gun which was able to deflect the toads men's alien fleet.

Can shut down any device that is not banner tech. He did that against Dr. Doom i suppose he could do that to anyone.

Apparently Banner tech can affect intangible people, he froze Red Ghost in his intangible state.

Banner Built a Gammabot that turned hulks strength against himself.

Banner built an Orion missile capable to destroy a city

Banners has built artificial intelligence and has also Built a telescope that can peer into space better than anyone other telescope.

Banner Built's a gamma ray impulser than can jump start dormant brain transmissions

He also made a Molecule Repulsion Field

Banner's stun Gun.

Power Gloves

Banner smash!

Banner creates a catalytic Converter, which could prevent numerous cancers as stated by tony stark .

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