wolverine0628's Hulk vs. Thor review

Lots of Action!

These Hulk Vs. movies are really cool.  There is so much action; somebody's constantly getting pummeled.  The plot isn't exactly riveting (I hardly remember it), and there was one part when they supposedly went to Hell to return Hulk's soul, or something.  But other than that, I don't remember there being any bad language in this one, and the fighting was awesome.  The characters were cool - Loki, Enchantress, Hulk, Thor, Sif...  I have to say these are better than the DC versions (Green Lantern: First Flight, etc.) Now, if only DC and Marvel could get together and make a Hulk Vs. Superman!

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    Rent It!!! 0

    These movies are complete blockbusters you should rent this film.If you like Hulk,Thor or Wolverine You love this.So go out to your local video store and see the film for yourself.This film is totally action packed.  I think there is alot of twists to this ongoing story you know if you like drama!!!...

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