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Bruce Banner + Grey Hulk + Savage Hulk = Professor Hulk!

This is the last issue i'll be reviewing from peter davids awesome run, i decided to go with my favorites and this is exactly what i wanted to do.

First of all, This is one of my personal favorite runs from David, because he takes the Banner hulk relationship to a whole new level. up until this point we never really knew why the grey hulk was a jerk and was so lustful for life or why savage hulk was stuck with the mind of a 3 year old. Bill Mantlo established that hulk was banners physical embodiment of Banner emotions, but all theses different incarnations must have meant something. well this is exactly what we get here.

Banner manages to Lock both hulks and Barry them deep withing his mind, which finely sets bruce banner free! but as any reader would and could have easily anticipated that this was clearly not the case, and it would not definitely stick for a long time. At one point of the issue, Bruce is overwhelmed by emotions and the two hulks clash withing bruce's subconscious. As this is happening, banners body basically begins to malfunction, and all three mind want to take control , which leads bruce's body on a rampage as his physique starts to shift and change! and the whole spectacle is Brilliant! The grey hulk and Hulks battle withing Bruce's mind is nothing short of amazing!

But here is where it gets good, the hulks battle for who is the "strongest there is!" and peter david answers that quite vividly, bruce maybe be weak by physical means , but he is "will" incarnate, and that makes him the strongest one there is, and there has ever been, because it is bruce's emotional pane and struggling that empowers the behemoth known as the incredible hulk! and peter david portrays that quite awesomely!

Furthermore, Doc Sampson plays a major role here too, bruces mind is very very weak, and it needs treatment, so doc, with the help of ring master, enter bruces mind to defeat his inner demon. When in Bruces mind, Things happen that sets a new revelation to behind the meaning of HULK! peter david explains on what each hulk represents! Bruces father, is the embodiment of his inner true monster, and he takes the form of one too, and the funny thing is that Mr david uses him to tell us, the readers one what the hulks stand for.

The savage hulk has always been bruce banners inner child, the abused kid who struggles for acceptance that is why he does not trust anyone, and that is why he saves people, because he wants people to accept him, and not abuse him like his father did. This is also where the concept of " strongest there is" came from, because banner couldn't protect his mother as a child, he is always playing power games! thats why he is the strongest, and thats where his anger comes from!

While grey hulk stands for something completely else! he is the wild teenager bruce never really got to be, he has a lust for life, he lies women, because he is a wild, unpredictable ,perverted nasty teenager. but he isn't evil, never has been, and never will be.

When Bruce's inner demons die, the three personalities merge, and they become the gravage/ Prof hulk! now this hulk was a whole new ball game, he was something much much different! He had bruce banners intellect, grey hulks wildness and arrogance, and savage hulks immense power. this hulk was very unique from the others, he operated differently, a favorite example of mine would be when Ajax is seen charging at the hulk. as the Ajax comes closer, hulk is left with two choices, leap out of the way or go in for the attack. Before The raging brute finely delivers the blow, hulk deduces that if he were to leap out of the way, Ajax would hurt Innocent people with the rate his going, so he goes for the attack. this is a prime example of why prof hulk is very cool.

the Art By Dale keown is also a very neat, in fact, i love how he draws the hulks, especially prof hulk! he is huge, buff and looks more human! and the coloring is amazing! it is very vivid and full of life.

this is one of the most important and crucial events in hulks history because of the fact that it sheds light on so many things, and creates something entirely new ! if your a hulk fan you are obliged to read this, and if you're not? you should definitely read this!

Recombination: HULK SMASH PLEASE!

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