theacidskull's Hulk Visionaries: Peter David #2 - Volume 2 review

Claws Vs Fists!

Yes, i'm Back, and i will be reviewing most of peter Davids awesome run on the incredible hulk, and yes it would have happened eventually, so why not now? so , time for business.

Peter David Continuous His amazing run, by crafting The new and much more deviant grey hulk. First thing is first, peter David yet again proves that he is an amazing writer , he manages to write any character which comes in contact with the hulk, in this case, we get none other( which is obvious because of the cover). Wolverine Is trying to change his ways, become more human, and less animal, but hulk doesn't really lend a hand in Logan's "Quest", And i think we guess where all of this leads to! This fight was one of the most popular fights in marvel history, this is the fight that put wolverine on the map, even though the forgot that grey hulk was weaker than the average hulk, but hey. It's extremely Enjoyable how peter david respects the powers and abilities of both characters while hulk is stronger and more durable, wolverine is much more agile and a total scrapper with a sick attitude, the way he should be.

Secondly, Peter David adds new elements to the gray hulk as the story goes on, in fact there was something that really caught my attention was during hulks fight with half-life. The Hulk has a new dependency towards his power, which is easily understandable , and is shows how well peter avid understands the hulk. when banner was a kid, his father would beat on him, and his mother as well, and bruce lacked the POWER to stop him, and since hulk is basically the manifestation of Bruce's emotions, it's easy to determine grey hulks lust for power and life. And As always Peter David provided symbolic references of how an angry mob can be worse than any given monster, even the hulk, who most of the time is misunderstood.

Moreover, The Cast plays yet again a great role, especially Betty. During a very specific scene, Betty confronts hulk to berry the hatchet, But hulk is just to stubborn to give in. The scene is so brilliant that it not only shows off how great peter David is with dialog's, but also the great interaction/relationship between the hulk/banner and Betty ross. The whole thing is just simply beautiful and it yet again proves that hulk is not all monster.

Furthermore, we see the creation and the Return of great hulk villains, such as the leader. the leader has become more fierce in the plot and i love him, he is written as the perfect opposed enemy! he can kill banner at any time! but where is the fun in that? oh no, his beef is with the hulk, and thats the only thing he cares about, he respects his enemy, and and wants to best HIM and him alone. The new Villains and henchmen are of course hulks previous enemies or "hunters", and both of them are unique in their own special way. The villains of which i speak of is the redeemer and Rock. Both Characters have a interesting types of power and more importantly a cause.

And As For the Art itself, Todd McFarlane does and excellent job of crafting the action scenes and characters,The inking again matches the gritty and more serious tone of the book, which makes it much much more spectacular and incredible ( no pun intended) .

And Also i forgot to mention the fact that something very important happens in this issue, grey hulk, after some certain events take place, becomes a leg breaker in vegas, not the fundamental idea of that might seem out of wack, but think about it, if this was the green hulk maybe it might have been silly but when you have this much more gangster type of Hulk, it matches Awesomely!

The art There is Done By jeff purves , and though it might take time to warm up to, it makes a good transition to a more different tone than being" ON THE RUN"!

In short, This was an amazing read yet again, peter david is crafting the hulk very carefully and intellectually, which is something very uncommon these days.

Recommendation : Skint Vs Smash! thats all i Need to say!

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