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Hulk Gets More Dark And Gritty!

There are Many Good writers, but there are only a few as good as peter david. When the idea of Hulk being grey and weaker than his usual self first came up, it must have been hard being accustomed to this change when You are used to a big green behemoth who is "the strongest there is", not to mention the fact that hulk Was supposed to be much more sinister in comparison to having a mind of a 5 year old. But god Dammit this was one of the greatest works on the hulk ever done by anyone.

Peter David is a great writer, and he probably surprised many with how awesome this book is. well lets get into reviewing shall we?

First thing is first, When writing a character that had been crafted for so long, it's kind of hard in being successful , especially when your going with a completely new direction. But what peter david manages execute here is the fact that he respects hulks history, yet he still manages to give this new hulk a completely dark and new feel.

The grey hulk is completely different from the green hulk, so is that a bad thing? hell no! The new grey hulk maybe weaker than the Savage hulk, but thats not really a bad thing, because as a trade off this hulk is stronger and much more nasty! he uses different means of fighting his enemies, a smarter approach. The grey hulk really shows bruces more wild and much more dark side. Does that mean that the hulk and bruce relationship is Dissed here? i repeat myself again, HELL NO! in fact, it's quite strongly emphasized here. The Hulk And Banner are seen as opponents again, and since we have a more sinister and Gritty hulk, It draws a big line on the whole Jekyll and Hyde type of relationship, meaning that the dichotomy much more stronger right now. Moreover, Banner is presented with a new kind of challenge, the green hulk, though powerful, was not very smart, he wasn't stupid, but a brain of a 5 year old could hardly compete with someone as smart as banner, but the thing is, the grey hulk, though not as smart as banner, is much more tricky and unpredictable. One of my favorites scenes from the TBP was when Hulk breaks in too a liquor store and starts drinking loads of alcohol! Why you ask? because he wanted to prevent banner from reaching gamma base. So now banner is not the only one trying to get rid of the hulk, interesting huh?

Furthermore, peter david actually makes tons of metaphoric references. hulk is bruce banners monster, it has always been like this, but the green hulk was misunderstood, but the grey hulk isn't evil either, despite the fact that he is nastier. At one point in the book, hulk meets someone much more evil than he is, and hulk , in hopes to get rid of banner, asks him of how to get rid of his week side, but in the end , Grey hulk proves to be kinder than he looks, despite how hard he tries to be Bad. what is more, I;ve mentioned before that grey hulk is practically supposed to be banners Dark said ( i am your father!) , and Pater David makes symbolic reference that everyone has a dark side, it's just the Bruce's evil aspects are more...vivid. In fact , David Shows that people, the ones we spent most of out lives, are much more evil than gamma charged bricks! And as far as symbols go, one of the great things about this book is how the concept of "mercy killing" is explored! and as a man of science, bruce banner will not give up until he finds his meaning in life, because that gives him hope, and him keeps him from breaking when life decides to slap him in the face...again.

The cast is awesome as well, rick yet again proves to be an awesome sidekick to the jade...err..i mean GREY jaws, and it is always fun to watch him be both the comic relief and the guy who always sticks up for banner no matter what, his dedication is one of the great highlights off the books. And as For Betty, it's always interesting seeing HULK come between bruce and his lovely wife, it's both fun and tragic that even after they get married, poor banner still can't catch a break.

As an expert writer, peter David also shows how well he can write other characters that come in contact with the hulk. The crossover between X-Factor and The incredible hulk was a real treat not only for hulk fans, but also for die hard x-men fans as well.

One of the greatest things about this book is the fact that we see the return of one of the greatest hulk villains, Which is The leader. And re-reading this made me smile again, because THIS is how you write Leader properly, not make him into a red drooling sinestro knock-off, Unlike some people...*cough* Way *Cough*. Peter David does a great job of wring hulk villains as well as his the opponents, one of them being half life, which was in fact, another of banner bast sins coming back to bite him in the butt.

I personally remember peter david saying that his strong suit was the dialog, well, he certainly wasn't lying, because in this book it's completely awesome and spectacular, you get interested when you read through it, in fact , back then, i feel that the money we paid for comics was much more worthwhile than what we get today. As for the art, Todd McFarlane and Jhon Ridgway manage to craft a great hulk, and the style of the art and the colors fit the gritty tone of offered to us by peter david.

In Conclusion, This was One of the greatest works done on the Hulk and i would advise any hulk /non-hulk fan to read it. This was a masterpiece.

Recommendation: HELL YES!

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

Terrific review, mate. Seriously, well done =D

I can't recommend reviews for some reason, but if I could, I would have definitely recommended this ^__^

Great job. Got me even more excited to read more of this run.

Posted by TheAcidSkull

@FadeToBlackBolt said:

Terrific review, mate. Seriously, well done =D

I can't recommend reviews for some reason, but if I could, I would have definitely recommended this ^__^

Great job. Got me even more excited to read more of this run.

Thank yo very very much for commenting! i took the new style of reviewing just recently ^__^ and it seems much more efficient, no boundaries anymore!

I will be reviewing almost the complete run, with the exception of the 8th and 7th volume :P

thank you again for commenting and for your kind words, i really means a lot man ^__^

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Brilliant review. I just finished reading and reviewing this myself, and although I still prefer Pak's run as a whole, I can see why a lot of people prefer David's as considering the time it was a much more revolutionary, adding something tremendous to the Hulk's history and I for one look forward to collecting the other volumes in this collection (though am saddened that they for some reason stopped making them).

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