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612547 fesak Character Overview 01/18/15 06:46AM 2 Approved
612539 fesak Character Overview 01/18/15 06:42AM 1 Approved
612525 fesak Character Overview 01/18/15 06:35AM 1 Approved
559860 Darkside_of_the_Sun Character Overview 11/05/14 02:38AM 10 Approved
480408 RobotMonster Character Overview Update 07/10/14 05:04AM 33 Approved
461922 Gottheit Character Overview I've given him super strength, because especially in the '80s, he was consistently shown and written to have absurd strength. He was basically like Hercules. I also gave him stamina because you need stamina to have give 40 minute matches at Wrestlemania. Finally, I put 'Vince McMahon' as the creator, because let's be honest, that's just the truth. Thank you. 06/17/14 11:16AM 5 Approved
232812 MisterAnderson Character Overview Update 09/30/13 10:51AM 15 Approved
201033 Riot_Sqrrl Character Overview Some more. 09/02/13 08:34AM 18 Approved
200750 Riot_Sqrrl Character Overview FOrgot that bit. 09/01/13 09:17PM 15 Approved
200746 Riot_Sqrrl Character Overview I was surprised this was just a stub. 09/01/13 09:16PM 118 Approved
24436 fesak Character Overview 04/16/13 01:06PM 4 Approved
18167 jloneblackheart Character Overview publisher 04/12/13 07:29AM 6 Approved

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