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Meet the Family

 Can't pay the rent.
In a future where the bad guys have won, the Hulk is now the undisputed ruler of California. In this time line Bruce Banner has discovered that normal humans cannot "keep pace with him" so the only logical choice was to mate with his very own first cousin, the She-Hulk.  

We first meet the lovely offspring of the incestuous Hulk's in the form of Otis, Charlie, and Bobbi Jo when they show up at
 Logan the Pacifist
the farm Old Man Logan driving a graffiti covered Fantasti-car . Logan is behind on his rent and the Hulk Gang a re his landlords. After berating Logan for a short time, the two male Hulks lay into Logan, crushing his face into the ground in the process. Bobbi Jo watches from the Fantasticar as she feeds a baby Hulk. Before the Hulks leave they tell Logan that next time he owes double the normal amount or they will kill everyone in his family.
This is the last we see of the Hulk Gang until part 2 of the Old Man Logan story.

Big Mistake

 Messed with the wrong man's family.
The second part of the story begins with Logan coming home from his journey to discover that his family has been brutally murdered. Even though Logan had managed to make it home two weeks early, Banner apparently had other ideas. Which is unfortunate for Banner's kids because this is what finally cause him to willingly pop his claws once more. He begins to systematically wipe out the entire Hulk Gang. Throughout this process we are introduced to other members of this inbred
 Let the Massacre Begin!
Hulk family, such as Rufus, Beau, Woody, Luke, Billy and Billy Bob, not to mention the countless others we never hear named. Each of whom die a horrible revenge-filled death at the hands of a newly revived Wolverine. 
Eventually, after Logan has massacred all of Banner's offspring it down to just the two of them. Banner transforms into the Hulk and manages to eat Logan alive. After that we find out that there are not only one but two of Banner's kids still alive in
 He ATE him?!
the form of Billy Bob (another one), who has just arrived home to discover his grandpa completely bloated, and a the baby Bruce jr. Hulk forgot to account for one thing though when he ate Wolverine, his healing factor. Logan then burst out of Banner's stomach (or back?) killing him instantly. Then Logan kills Billy Bob and leaves with the baby Hulk, Bruce jr.
 At the end of Old Man Logan we see that Logan has decided to take Baby Bruce with him on his journey for justice.
 Last survivor.

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