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Superstars JEPH LOEB & ED MCGUINNESS continue their historic epic! With the entire West Coast in peril, who can stop the battle of the Century when Two, count 'em TWO Hulks, get to brawling? How about everyone's favorite Thunder God -- THE MIGHTY THOR!? He was out of town during WORLD WAR HULK -- THIS is the match-up you've been DEMANDING! But can even a God stop the Red Hulk? Find out now!!!

On top of the Golden Gate Bridge, Red Hulk stands facing Thor. Thor wastes no time in striking Rulk full force in the face with Mjolnir. To his surprise, it doesn't even phase him. Thor asks what kind of beast he is and Rulk replies the "kind that beats the snot out of Thunder Gods." He also tells him that he doesn't believe in Gods.

Thor makes it clear that he was sent to Midgard to protect them and Rulk's appearance threatens them all. Rulk tires to make it clear that since Thor's been gone a lot has happened and he's not the Hulk he's faced before. He tells Thor that he's actually studied him. He respects his battle records but tells him like all great fighters, there's always one battle they can't win.

Rulk then seems to do the impossible. Grabbing Mjolnir, he jumps up. Thor is surprised by this. He starts wondering if it has something to do with his father not being around. Rulk shuts him up saying he couldn't care less. He says he knows his secrets and how no one but him can lift the hammer. He tells him all he's doing is jumping while Thor's holding onto it. His jump takes them to the point where there is zero gravity. Still shocked, Rulk takes Mjolnir away. He smashes Thor with it. Thor vows to return him to Earth and put an end to him. Three more blows and Thor is out.

Pleased with his work, Rulk grabs Thor by the cape, twirls the hammer and directs it back to Earth. Smiling over the defeated Thor, he kicks away his helmut and jumps. Thor, begins to come to and says Hulk has earned his "wrathful vengeance" since he left him alive.

Iron Man arrives at the Baxter Building to get Reed's help with the video of General Ross talking to Banner. Reed is fascinated by how the audio level of the video had been doctored. He tweaks it to try to recover the hidden dialogue. Some more of the conversation is revealed but not all of it. Banner said something about Samson but then the lights go out at the Baxter Building. The power is restored immediately but Reed tells Tony that the video had a Trojan horse-like virus attached to it. This wasn't the work of an amateur.

Commander Hill calls Tony then about detecting the return of the Red Hulk to Earth. His landing has triggered the San Andreas fault and San Francisco is about to fall into the ocean. Instead of calling the military to deal with Rulk, Tony gets a better idea.

Under the Golden Gate Bridge, A-Bomb swims down to retrieve Hulk (the green one) from the wreckage he's pinned under. Hulk questions why "Blue Man" helped him. A-Bomb tells him that there's been an earthquake everywhere and it's Red Hulk's fault. Hulk tells A-Bomb to stay and help the city while he goes after Red Hulk.

Just then Iron Man calls out to Hulk. He tells him he'll need some help and he's brought some. WIth Iron Man stands She-Hulk, the Thing, Ares, the Human Torch and Namor.

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RULK REVIEW : HULK Issue # 5 0

"Thor.   I heard you were dead."   - Rulk "I heard you were green.   Monster.   It matters little... ...since by morning's light, THOU WILT BE DEAD!" - Thor "Yeah. About that.   You're welcome to give it a whirl... .. but it's going to be a LONG night." – Rulk  Simply bad ass.   When Thor returns from his long absence from Earth expecting to confront a World War Green Hulk, he instead steps up as the next Red Hulk challenger in HULK Issue #5 "Rolling Thunder".   While so many in the Marvel Unive...

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