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More people should be reading Hulk instead of letting it die

One of my consistently favorite Marvel titles is without a doubt Jeff Parker's Hulk. The problem? It's not selling well. People see the Red Hulk and it's an instant turn off for them. What they're missing out on is one of the best books Marvel puts out.

This issue is Red Hulk vs. Ikaris with guest spots from all your favorite Eternals and cameos from the likes of Hercules, the still dead-as-a-dodo Ares and the original X-Men. This story does read like a done-in-one affair but it seems to be set-up for a potential big story down the line. The issue begins with Hulk and Machine Man battling a Hydra (the Greek monster, not the terrorists) and after defeating it Sersi and Ikaris show up and punches are traded. Long story short, the Eternals fear the Hulks. Best thing about the issue has to be the long-awaited return of Sersi, one of my favorite characters, after being truly screwed over by a dozen or so Eternals retcons that made everyone forget she existed.

This is another fun issue of Hulk and it really pains me that people aren't even checking out this fantastic book because they're still put off just by the fact that it's Red Hulk. It is currently one of Marvel's lowest selling titles (not the lowest, which is unfortunately claimed by Parker's other book Thunderbolts) and I really really don't want to be cancelled just based on angry Hulk fans bias against Red Hulk. More people should be reading Hulk instead of letting it die, especially when this book is miles better than the rather timid and stale Incredible Hulk. Bah.

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