redhulk's Hulk #35 - Planet Red Hulk, Pt. 2 review


Payback is a bitch. And a consequence to the Red Hulk's power drunk, arrogant rampage in the early issues of the HULK series is beginning to rear its ugly head. The bad karma catching up to him may be delayed a bit.... but make no mistake.... it's coming. 
With continuity in mind, writer Jeff Parker has taken an old, quick, comedic, throwaway moment of the Red Hulk punching out Uatu The Watcher (which made many readers cringe back in the early issues of 2008) and turned it into a very interesting storyline explaining how such a feat was possible... the Rulk is part cosmic power.. and what is its ramifications. Could a Watcher feel anger? Humiliation? Would a Watcher take revenge? That’s why it's a shame such an interesting story has to come on the heels of sacrificing another: Planet Red Hulk.  

In last issue's Part One, Parker setup a real interesting story where the Red Hulk found himself between two warring planets, both based on a culture ruled by strength. Now while the story arc was a bit rushed and deserved at least a three issue run, it was enjoyable to see the General use his military knowledge in Part Two and ultimately steer these two races to some assemblage of peace. But it was the transition between the Rulk's time on these alien planets and his return to Earth’s orbit, makes you wonder what was the point? This is a little bit frustrating.  

Fortunately, we still have the wonderful art of Carlo Pagulayan and colorist Jesus Aburtov to look at. Their combined talents really brought these alien planets to life and I hope they continue to work on more Red Hulk comics in the future.

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