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THE ORIGINAL RED HULK ARTIST RETURNS!!! Ed McGuiness draws a special (and especially insane) issue of HULK! A classic Hulk enemy returns, and can only be defeated by...THE COMPOUND HULK! Guest-starring XEMNU, THE IMPOSSIBLE MAN and WOODGOD (yes, Woodgod)!

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RULK REVIEW : HULK Issue # 30 0

''Can't think... head's all full of nerd...''   - Rulk   That is just one of many great lines that can be found in the thoroughly enjoyable 30th issue of HULK ''Marvel Two in One'', where Thaddeus Ross and Bruce Banner are forced to confront their worst nightmare:  work together in the most intimate of ways. Both Hulks are literally ''smashed'' together in order to fight an intergalactic titan that has a personal vendetta against the Green Hulk whom he lost to in battle before. Needless to say i...

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Broadcasting the FIght of the Year...You´re Impossible 0

This issue did a split (pun intended) in my mind, because at the same time I thought it was very unreasonable having this kind of story (a dull kind of story, typical of Jeph Loeb - is he behind this? Did he get inside Parker´s mind?) just when so much seemed to be accomplished (like Red Hulk, Banner and Rick saving the world from Scorched Earth program), so it felt a little unbalanced and unstable script for everything that´s going on, but in the other hand there´s an appeal (perhaps because of...

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hulk, hulk, and kluh! 0

Well this is cool as a ferret straped to a hulk taking orders from Banner....crazed and furry space wierdo impossible...i love that guy he is really cracked out yeah....and kluh....i love the panel where xemnu is announcing kluh!...i forgot how much fun comics really are...i have missed being this excited about silly things and furry pyscotic space things....hahah...BON CHANCE!!!...

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