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Not a flashback! Not a dream! Together again for the first time! The battle you NEVER thought you'd see -- The Hulk Vs. The Abomination! But...wait, we've seen that lots of times! Well... No you HAVE NOT. And it isn't just because superstars Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness are bringing it to you for the first time -- it's because if you've been reading the Hulk (yes, we know there's one or two of you), it CAN'T be possible! But it is -- AND IN COLOR -- LOTS OF THEM! The pulse-pounding, gamma-spawned action adventure continues in Hulk #3!!!


Iron Man, battered and bruised, gathered up She-Hulk and Maria Hill wanting a damage report.Then while giving orders, he wondered where General Ross and Samson were. Maria followed by saying she didn't know, and then preceded to show him surveillance of clis from the first issue when Dr.Banner was talking to Ross and Samson. Towards the end of the conversation, Bruce said something to General Ross. When Iron Man put the surveillance volume all the way up, what Banner said was still not deciphered. Iron Man then demanded to know what was said, and ordered Maria to find someone who could decipher it immediately.

Meanwhile, the new abomination calling himself A-bomb, who is actually Rick Jones though it has not been revealed how he has become this new abomination, continued in heated battle with the red hulk. The red hulk started taunting A-bomb and kept calling him Rick Jones. A-bomb asked why the red Hulk was calling him that, and said he hates rick because he keeps him "in the dark place". They had then battled themselves right onto the base that was holding Bruce. After they crossed the gate, the defense measures of the base began, first with a large gattling gun that the red hulk tore out of the ground, and commenced fire on A-bomb. This did not hurt A-bomb much though, because he got right back up, and punched red hulk in the face. The next defense measure were robotic harpies with Betties face, though they also, were useless as both adversaries took care of them easily.

During the fight, the base began to come down, and the area around Bruce's cage began to crumble. Bruce started to bang on the glass, followed by sleeping gas coming out of the wall to subdue him. This doesn't work though, as on one panel you see Bruce's fist turn big and green.

A-bomb and the red Hulk continue to fight fight as the Hulk, yes the REAL hulk grabs the red Hulk by his shoulder who then said "I'm gonna love this".

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