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The score has been settled, Red Hulk has been beaten by the Incredible Hulk decisively. The war is over and Steve Rogers is on tap to give these explosive characters a sense of direction! Red Hulk heads out to deal with a deadly contingency plan left behind by Leader and MODOK, for once on the side of the angels. But IRON MAN didn't get the message...

Plus, A-Bomb must confront a sea monster sent by Intelligencia to attack San Diego.

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Big red and the Tin-man. 0

   Following the astounding conclusion of World War Hulks the still new character of the Marvel universe finally seems to branch off from the inner ties of Bruce Banner into his own solo work in issue #25 of Hulk. After the shocking reveal of his identity as Thunderbolt Ross in issue 23 and the climactic battle between him and the green Hulk, what does the Red Hulk do now, let's find out.     The issue starts off wit some serious action going down in California where some odd creature with cybor...

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Fresh New Start 0

The Story - Defeated after the "World War Hulks", locked down like a prisioner, General Thad "Thunderbolt" Ross A.K.A Red Hulk´s only chance to ever get out and do some good to repair his misdoings with the Intelligencia is to follow Steve Roger and Bruce Banner´s orders in an attemp to stop the failsafe program of the Leader and M.O.D.O.K called "Scorched Earth" his first mission he must stop a virus from mutating several people that have received body implants (legs, arms), but he has to ...

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