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Don't Hate This Book...

It doesn't make sense to me how or why so many people are hating on this book when quite frankly I enjoyed it.   
The "regular" Hulk may be no more for the time being but in his absence, the Red Hulk is acting like a total tool and his actions are obviously devious and dare I say evil.   
I do recommend you watch G-Man's video review of this issue if you want specfics regarding the story in this title, but I will say I was surprised with some of the cameos in this title.   
The one problem I had however was the involvement of The Punisher.  Why he was recommended by Ross and Doc Samson for Red Hulk to approach to join Red Hulk's "team" didn't make sense to me.  I found it to be a bit forced actually, the Red Hulk's meeting with the Punisher and felt it fell flat and way out of place.    
I felt  that the book was too quick a read  and like G-Man pointed out, the cover had nothing to do with any aciton inside the book itself which was a disappointment.
However things pick up and Domino, who is being pursued by Red Hulk along with help from some unexpected allies, does manage to turn the tables a bit on Red Hulk at the end as she shows up with a few friends of her own.   
For the most part I did enjoy the art; however Churchill has a tendency to draw all his male characters a bit similar with large over exaggerated jaws and I found it a bit annoying but I still like his style.  He draws Thundra as the large powerhouse she is yet he manages to simoultaneously make her appear sexy, which is nice.   
I don't get the hate some have  for this title but to each their own.  
I liked it and am picking up back issues and definitely, definitely looking forward to next issue simply due to the last page of this comic book. 

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