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Posted by Buckshot

hah, not bad. the review i mean. the book was very bad. but shirt? awesome!

Posted by Blue_Shield

I give the review a 4 out of five. Why 4?, because the lack of lighting.

Posted by Night Thrasher

shirt AWESOME! (true, true)

Posted by Legend of Zelda

Ha ha i see dinner impossible on tv lol

Posted by MistaYang

Yah! i love the shirt

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        This was my first Hulk comic that i ever bought the main reason i did was because I've been seeing the Red Hulk aroung a lot (or better known as Rulk) and I am curious about his character. Well first off the art of the comic in my opinion was pretty phenomenal, kudo's to the artist Ed McGuinness.     The story in this issue wraps around i believe an end of a battle between Rulk's team the offender's which consist of Tiger Shark, Baron Mordo, and Terrax, and Hulk's team The Defender's. Appare...

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