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My Review on Hulk #12 (may 20, 2009)

    This was my first Hulk comic that i ever bought the main reason i did was because I've been seeing the Red Hulk aroung a lot (or better known as Rulk) and I am curious about his character. Well first off the art of the comic in my opinion was pretty phenomenal, kudo's to the artist Ed McGuinness.
    The story in this issue wraps around i believe an end of a battle between Rulk's team the offender's which consist of Tiger Shark, Baron Mordo, and Terrax, and Hulk's team The Defender's. Apparently in the last issue Rulk had finally killed Hulk, only to have The Elder's i believe is what they go by resurect Hulk back to life.
    Nothing else was really relieved of Rulk only clues he left was at the end when he said "Heh. I started this game hoping for your death. I realize now that i've left you even worse off than dead. With a broken heart. Just as you left me Banner". Over-all the comic was decent even though it went by quick, so it probably could've had some more of the story in their, but the art was great and made up for the story. So as you see i give this issue 3 stars!


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