the_martian's Hulk #1 - Who Is The Hulk? review

Red is the new Green?

So I finally got my hands on the first issue of Hulk featuring the new Red Hulk. It wasn't bad, didn't get me excited about the series like the first issue of Thor's new series did though. We find Iron Man and his group examining a battle between Abmoniation and what the believed to be The Hulk. After a little girl tells them them "Red" in russian, they start to wonder if this was even the Hulk at all. So General Ross and Doc Samson go to see Bruce Banner who is still in lock up from the WWH series.

So my take on it is its not anything super exciting. This new Hulk is probably going to go ramapaging around and won't beable to get stopped by anyone. Iron Man or someone is going to decide that they need the Real Hulk to stop it. After releasing the Hulk the two Hulks will battle it out leaving the real Hulk to take the series over again. Thats my guess. I'm also going to say that this new Hulk is probably Rick Jones, since that is what they are leaving us to believe, and it is caused somehow by him getting stabbed in WWH.

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Posted by Sawtooth arlong

Hulk Bwaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Posted by WAR-POOL

isn't rick jones "a-bomb" though? does this issue even count as the red hulk's 1st appearence? i have the 2nd printing variant, and i didn't even see the red hulk throughout the whole issue?

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