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Hugo Longride was actually a sophisticated robot created by Doctor Doom and sent to Hollywood as a producer to spy on a man named Alexander Flynn who claims to be the illegitimate son of Victor Von Doom. Hugo was introduced to Dazzler by Flynn and offered her the opportunity to perform in his underground theater. Dazzler signed a few contracts and began to rebuild her reputation after a slump when she was revealed to be a mutant. Hugo would throw a big party and invite the elite of Hollywood to watch the debut of the Dazzler in his underground theater which actually turned out to be gladiator style fights. Hugo and Flynn persuaded Dazzler that it was all an act and she agreed to face one brute named Horns. The crowd went wild when Dazzler realized that she was fighting for her life and tried to run away. Hugo sent all his gladiators to the arena to start fighting one another to please the crowd. Hugo revealed the truth to Dazzler about the arena fighting and told her that people needed violence. The next day, Flynn would take Dazzler to the training facility for all the fighters and she ended up sparring with Horns. Everyone was impressed with her moves and abilities so Dazzler felt accepted by the rest of the mutants. Hugo was upset with Flynn because he didn't want Dazzler to spar and that he was also undermined in front of his fighters. Beast didn't like what was happening with Dazzler so he decided to do some investigating and found a lab where Hugo was giving her drugs to control her powers. Beast was ambushed from behind and Hugo injected him with a serum that made Beast more bestial. Hugo sent the Beast on stage where Dazzler was performing and they began to fight one another. Beast managed to snap out and convinced Dazzler to stop fighting and remember their love for one another. The crowd began to boo so Hugo sent out his fighters to kill both of them. Flynn would appear and told all the troops to pick one leader and kill the other. The fighters fell under the influence of Flynn's hypnotic powers and speared Hugo with a number of weapons. The transmissions from Hugo to Latveria had ceased so Doctor Doom decided to go to Hollywood himself. Doom found Hugo and decided to stick around to ultimately watch the demise of Flynn's empire. 


Hugo Longride was created by Ann Nocenti and Don Perlin in 1985 and first appeared in Beauty and the Beast # 1. 


Hugo Longride was a sophisticated robot that acted so human and duped everyone around him even after his destruction.

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