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Little is known of the early years of Hrimhari. Born in the mystical woods of Asgard, Hrimhari is the prince of all wolfs in the Asgardian domain. Hrimhari is said to be a descendant of the mighty wolf Fenris, who is the son of Loki. Hogun has told stories of Hrimhari's exploits, but most of the grownups in Asgard tend not to believe them, and think that Hrimhari doesn't exist. In truth Hrimhari and Hogun are friends and have saved each-other lives.


Created by Chris Claremont, Hrimhari made his first appearance in The New Mutants Special Edition #1, where he was penciled by Art Adams.

Major Story Arcs

Asgardian Wars

Puppy Love

After the X-men and Alpha Flight defeated Loki he was looking for revenge. He teleported Storm and the New Mutants (thinking they were the X-men since Storm was with them) to Asgard. During their escape, the teleportation spell went askew and they were all spread to various far corners of Asgard. Wolfsbane found herself alone in the frozen woods of Asgard. Hrimhari was busy escaping giants when he spotted Wolfsbane, the giants mistook her for him and tried to kill her. Hrimhari then used the opportunity to disable the giants; he bit their legs, making them fall over, giving him and Wolfsbane time to escape. The two spent much time together and Hrimhari had no trouble admitting that he loved Wolfsbane; she however had trouble accepting it, even though she considered him handsome even in full wolf form. But their happiness was cut short; Illyana's demonic form arrived and trapped Wolfsbane into a magical armor which followed her orders.

Grimfang and Bleakheart

Hrimhari was struck from that and went to search for Wolfsbane. He passed some trolls, but they attacked him; fortunately the X-Men arrived and saved him. X-Men split into two groups, some went to Asgard and some stayed with Hrimhari, until he feels better. It didn't take long for him to recover and then they were off to Enchantress' tower. Hrimhari caught the scent of Wolfsbane and quickened his pace. But then Loki arrived and took them all as prisoners. He placed magical obedience collars onto Hrimhari and Wolfsbane, which turned them into monstrous forms. He even renamed them; to Grimfang and Bleakheart. Following their master's orders they attacked the rest of the X-Men. In a fight Wolfsbane was freed of the spell that bound her, Hrimhari on the other hand wasn't that lucky. Only after the X-Men won the battle, was Hrimhari freed. However Wolfsbane couldn't stay with him, as her stay would mean that other X-Men would have to stay in Asgard as well.

New Mutants Return to Asgard

Hrimhari & Boom-Boom

When Valkyries were turned into fire demons by Hela, they tried to imprison wolf-people. Hrimhari single handily held them back while his people were able to escape. He then was captured by trolls and tossed into prison. Surprisingly Wolfsbane and her team rescued him. Hrimhari suggested that they let Lord Odin know of Hela's plans to conquer Asgard. Hela however transports her tower into another dimension and only Warlock, Boom Boom and Hrimhari make it far enough to escape it. The three then move toward Odin's palace. Odin however was preparing for Odin Sleep and did not awaken. A guard found them in his room and threw them into prison until Balder would arrive. While sitting in prison, children of Volstagg arrived and told them a story of powerful wizard, Tiwaz, living near icy wastes. Hrimhari and his companions decide to escape and ask for the wizard's help. Unfortunately they are captured by a giant before they make it to the wizard, but they are soon rescued by said wizard. They explain him the situation, and he agrees to help them, but not directly; he shows where the Warriors Three are located. The Warriors Three are imprisoned by Queen Ula, after Hrimhari explains the situation to Ula, that it was not Asgardians who attacked them earlier, but the army of Hela, the Queen joins their cause. At Asgard's gate they are joined by Balder, also Karnilla and her army. Only moments later Hela attacks. Hrimhari and New Mutants fight to delay overtaken Dani Moonstar, in that they succeed; Eitri arrives and reveals the flaw in Deathsword he created to slay Odin. Cannonball takes the opportunity and shatters the sword releasing the hold Hela had over Valkyries. Now with her plans destroyed and without army, Hela flees back to Hel. When time comes for New Mutants to return to earth, Wolfsbane asked him to join them. Hrimhari chooses his people over his love for Wolfsbane.


Hrimhari Reborn

Frost Giants had killed everyone from Hrimhari's pack, and he went for revenge, knowing he will not return. Then, while he was in the middle of a fight with them, Ragnarok came and Hrimhari was destroyed. Suddenly he was on Earth, in familiar surroundings; Asgard had been created anew and so apparently was he. Hrimhari then searched a long time for his love, Wolfsbane, now that they could be together. Finally at Colorado Rocky Mountains he caught up with her. Wolfsbane at first said that they can't be together, but when Hrimhari showed that he too can now turn into full human, she was more willing to show her love. After some very intimate time together, things turned for worse; Frost Giants had also been recreated and on Earth. Hrimhari and Wolfsbane fought them together and won, however Wolfsbane soon collapsed. She uttered the name of Elixir before losing conscious. Hrimhari took Wolfsbane back to Angel's cabin, and luckily found him there. Angel took Hrimhari and Wolfsbane onto his plane and they flew to Utopia.


Asking Hela's Help

When they arrived they were surrounded by long dead enemies of X-Men. He hurried Wolfsbane to medical quarters, but sadly Elixir was unconscious himself. It seemed that whatever illness ails Wolfsbane; she must overcome it by herself. When Doctor Nemesis gave Wolfsbane sedative, she transformed back to human. Bradley then used his knowledge of human body to find the problem. Wolfsbane was pregnant, and it was killing her; as the child wasn't human nor mutant, but something different altogether. Hrimhari rushed out of the room and called for Hela. Hrimhari asked Hela to spare the live of his love, but she only agreed to save one life, and asked him to choose between Wolfsbane and unborn child, and in turn Hrimhari would have to give his soul to Hela. Hrimhari made a decision to save Elixir instead and asked him to heal Wolfsbane and the baby. Hrimhari then was taken by Hela, but he promised to find his way back to Wolfsbane.

X-Factor in Vegas

Smelling Rahne

Hrimhari is now part of Hela's army, and when X-Factor went to Las Vegas to save Pip from Hela (following Ragnarok, she set up shop in Vegas), Hrimhari fought against them, he smelled Wolfsbane's scent on Shatterstar, and attacked him thinking he had forced himself on her. Hrimhari even revealed that the child Wolfsbane carries is his.

Power and Abilities

Hrimhari has the standard powers of an Asgardian, including Superhuman Strength, durability, and stamina. He is also a powerful shapeshifter, capable of taking the form of a wolf, of a semi humanoid wolf form (werewolf). He is also a very capable fighter, and has been able to defeat Frost Giants.

As of late, Hrimhari is now able to assume human form.

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