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Jezz Davison was a young woman without much of a future who decided to try her luck in Las Vegas. She brcame an exotic dancer and later a prostitute. She got pregnant by one of her clients, but was arrested son afterward. Her child became a ward of the state. Once release, Jezz was destitute and became the prey of a vampire named Dave. Transformed into one of his "brides," Howler (as Jezz was now called) killed Dave with the help of his four other vampiric servants.  The four undead women took to the road with Howler becoming their de facto leader. She came up with their pact not to feed on bikers. Unknown to the others, Howler was searching for her son. After going through several leads that ended in bloodshed, she found her son living with an abusive family. Howler took her son back, but not before having to kill a reanimated Dave once again. Well aware that a vampire would be a poor excuse for a parent, Howler let her son believe her twin sister Jenn was his real mother and left him in her care.

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