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Three stories were included in this issue.

1) In " Do do that voodoo! ", a new Black Talon attempts to abduct Howard and sacrifice him to the Duck God. He ends up abducting Bev instead, but decides to go on with the sacrifice. Howard goes to the rescue. The sitation is resolved by the Duck god himself, who does not appreciate having ducks sacrificed to his person. He is not a cannibal.

2) In Heavy business in a mediocre motel!, Howard and Bev check into a hotel. Soon having a significant fight over the course of their relationship. They retreat to their respective rooms to do some soul-searching. Howard felt that it was time to commit himself to Bev. But she felt that it was time for them to go their separate ways. The story ends with them parting for good. (The situation was resolved behind the scenes, as the two are seen together again in Savage She-Hulk #14 -April, 1990).

3) In The linoleum lizard, Howard arrives in Chicago and gets involved in a gunfight. He unwittingly replaces private eye Dirk Byrd and is tasked with the man's last case. While also investigating the murder of Dirk.

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