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Howard has finally hit the jackpot, winning a million dollars from a publishing sweepstakes! With the fame and fortune, Howard is a changed man and not for the better. Beverly doesn’t agree with the new Howard the Duck and leaves him once again. Will Howard the Duck ever be loved again?

Howard wins 10 million dollars in a contest and switches lifestyles. From a perpetually broke drifter to a businessman with his own mansion. Beverly briefly returns to his life, only to find him changed for the worse. Still cynical to the core, but also self-absorved, demanding and verbally abusive. She leaves him without a second though.

A lonely Howard pays medical genious Dr. Dwight Clive to create a female companion for him. Promising to sing off his entire fortune to Clive in case of a success. The results are underwhelming. Clive used cell samples from Howard and a beautiful French-Canadian woman to create an attractive feminine duck. But could not wait for her brain to naturally develop. He resolved to transplant the brain of a recently deceased woman to the new body. Enter: Alexis the Duck.

The recently deceased woman was the spoiled, overindulgent wife of a wealthy lawyer. Alexis inherited her character traits. A constant desire for flashy, material posessions, a poor grasp of maths, and a need to constantly spend more. She financially bandkrupts both Howard and Clive. The issue ends with Howard hiking his way back to Cleveland, Alexis seducing her next victim, and Clive becoming an alcoholic.

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