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The initial plot has has young agent Prudence Bumgartner (Laura Eden) enroling at the girls' school to investigate it for illegal activities. Soon established is that the students perform most activities either nude or nearly so. Most of their classes seem to involve physical exercise like jogging or jumping rope. But the school is actualy a front for Granny's moonshine distillery and the center of her smuggling operations.

Much of the actual work in the distillery and the distribution of the moonshine is performed by Granny's assistant, Krackow (William Engesser). Krackow happens to be a werewolf. A school party is also attended by Dracula and the Frankenstein's monster who spike the punch. The drunk girls perform nude dancing before Prudence decides to call the authorities.

Representatives of various agencies soon arrive, including one from the "Society of Protection for Werewolves" . Before Granny is taken away, she offers them all some wine. They fall down drunk and wake up to find themselves in forced labor at the distillery. Prudence naturally among the captives in a not-so-happy ending.







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