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The original House of Secrets logo was designed by Gaspar Saladino. It first appeared in 1956 as the mystery - suspense anthology comic began its 80 issue run. The title retained features of other anthology series, such as one page public service announcements from prominent super heroes, occasional text pieces, and one-page filler gags. Although it had a fairly steady stable of writers and artists, including Jack Kirby - who wrote early tales such as, "The cats who knew too much" and "The hole in the sky" and also drew several of the series' early covers - it had some recurring characters, such as the super natural sleuth Mark Merlin and the super villain Eclipso. A number of early stories were later reprinted in "The Unexpected" in the late 1960s. Many stories would also be reprinted in a the resurrected "House of Secrets" which returned in the 1960s as a companion to a new version of the horror - mystery - suspense anthology, "House of Mystery." At that point, "House of Secrets" stories were narrated by Abel, whereas Cain hosted the stories in "House of Mystery" The Swamp Thing, the monster made from vegetative matter, made his first appearance on the cover of issue# 92 of the revamped House of Secrets in July 1971.

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